Free Laptop for Adults – Get Your High School Diploma Online

If you’re struggling to make ends meet you know the importance that are steady job can create. Especially for individuals like my immigrant parents, getting a high school diploma online continues to emerge as one of the best options for more opportunities for adults. A high school diploma not only serves as a stepping stone to higher education but also opens up numerous job opportunities.

However, with a job, kids, and no time machine, getting your high school diploma online can pose a difficult challenge if you cannot afford a laptop. In this article, I will discuss how you can access free laptop programs for low income households to complete your degree online, on your time.

Online High School Diploma For Adults

Online high school education for adults allows individuals to complete their high school education at their own pace, typically through online platforms. For those who left school early for various reasons or who did not have a chance to finish, online high school programs can provide an opportunity to earn a diploma.

The ability to earn these diplomas or GEDs online, can provide a massive advantage those who might have bills to pay.

These programs typically encompass the same coursework that a traditional high school offers, which can include core subjects like math, science, social studies, and language arts, and may also feature electives. The flexibility of online programs makes it easier for adult learners to balance their education with other responsibilities, such as work or family.

The Value of a High School Diploma

A high school diploma isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a key that unlocks numerous opportunities in adult life. Research consistently shows that individuals with a high school diploma often have higher earning potential compared to those without. Many employers even consider it a minimum requirement for entry-level posts.

For low income families, earning a high school diploma can be the difference between having a job and not. Being able to feed their kids or not. That’s why access to free laptop programs can be a crucial factor in improving the lives of low income households.

Finish High School Diploma Online With A Free Laptop

Recognizing the financial hurdles many adults face when considering online high school diploma programs, various initiatives have emerged offering free laptops to eligible individuals. Their aim is to bridge the digital divide, ensuring no student is left behind due to lack of suitable technology.

Programs like the “Sprint 1Million Project,” offer free laptops and internet access to high school students. Additionally, “Computers with Causes” provides free computers to those in need, including adults working towards their online high school diplomas, reinforcing the belief that the right tools can enhance educational accessibility and help balance life and learning commitments.

Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible for these free laptop programs, adults usually need to be enrolled in an accredited online high school and demonstrate a significant financial need. The precise criteria vary by program, but often include income guidelines and proof of enrollment in an online high school.

The application process typically involves completing an online form and providing documentation to verify your eligibility. Programs such as “EveryoneOn,” connecting low-income families with affordable internet service and computers, and “PCs for People,” providing low-cost computers and free or sliding scale internet access, have their unique application procedures shared on their website.

Features of Free Laptop Programs

The free laptop programs have additional beneficial features to assist adult learners. They often come with pre-installed educational software to enhance learning experiences. Moreover, programs may provide free or discounted internet service to ensure students can access their online courses.

Furthermore, technical support is usually provided by the program, helping adults troubleshoot any tech issues they might encounter. The “Technology Assistance Program” offered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is an example of an initiative providing such beneficial tech features. This program aims to supplying free or low-cost hardware, software, and internet access.

Free Laptop For GED

Outside of the company specific programs it’s possible that you may qualify for a free laptop to finish your diploma through other government programs. The Affordable Connectivity Program or Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is one of them.

These programs aim to provide low income families with free internet, government tablets, or even some laptops such as a Chromebook to needy families.

The first step to seeing if you qualify to determine if you or your household meets certain income requirements. Typically you need to be at or below 135% of the federal poverty guideline in your state or participate in other government programs like EBT.

Applying for EBB or ACP

Once you confirm your eligibility, you can apply for either the EBB or ACP through the official program website or your local participating service provider. You’ll need to provide documentation to prove your eligibility, which may include proof of income or participation in other government assistance programs like SNAP or Medicaid.

Approved Benefits

If your application is approved, you will receive benefits through either the EBB or ACP. These benefits typically include subsidies for internet service and sometimes include a one-time device benefit, which can be used to acquire a laptop.

The device benefit may vary by state and program specifics. Not all participants will receive a laptop or device benefit.

Finding A Service Provider

After being approved for a device benefit, reach out to the participating internet service providers in your area. They can provide information on how to redeem the device benefit, which may include options to acquire a free or discounted laptop.

Some of the more popular providers include:

The service quality is going to be similar across most of these providers, I recommend going with the one that offers the most flexibility with choosing your device and offers the best price. Although I work for AT&T, we typically are on the higher end of prices so that is why it is not on this list.

Getting Your Degree

Once you have the laptop, make the most of it for your high school diploma program. Install any necessary educational software and use it for studying, assignments, and communication with your school.

I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with Google Drive which is free to use!


While trying to get your high school diploma online can often seem daunting, free laptop programs can make it possible even for low income families. By securing a high school diploma online and utilizing programs that offer free laptops, adults can unlock pathways to a brighter future.

Utilize programs such as Everyone On and ACP to get you one step closer to getting your diploma or GED!

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  1. I had to quit highschool due to my father passing away. Shortly after his murder I became pregnant. I was already working to provide for my younger brother so he could stay in school. I was 16 my brother was 14. I am now wanting to earn my highschool diploma and get my degree in administrative medical sciences. I am a mother of four and I’m single I do receive EBT/SNAP benefits. Can you please call me at 4236801516.


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