T-Mobile Hotspots for Low Income Families: Affordable Internet Access

If you’re a low-income household struggling to afford internet access, T-Mobile may have a solution for you. With the end of the Affordable Connectivity Program, they’re making it easier for low-income families to access the internet and stay connected. One of T-Mobile’s programs, Project 10Million, offers free 100GBs/year of data, free mobile hotspots, and access … Read more

Free Hotspot For Low Income Families: Regaining WIFI After ACP

Access to the internet is more crucial than ever, especially for low-income families needing to stay connected for work, school, and daily life. Free hotspot programs offer invaluable support to those who struggle with the cost of internet access. One important initiative is T-Mobile’s Project 10Million. This program offers free 100GB of data per year … Read more